Shivyog Meditation: An Overview on Its Benefits

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The past karmas which have been accumulated over different lifetimes would result to the experience that we experience today. Fortunately, according to Indian gurus, people can still dissolve their past karmas by invoking the divine cosmic energy. Our past negative karmas can be released by this divine energy and would bring in good health and happiness in our lives.

People are born to have a purpose in life. Indeed, our life is a journey of moving from individual consciousness to a kind of consciousness which is infinite. This can be achieved if people can establish a kind of union with the ultimate creator, Shiva. Such would lead to shivyog meditation, which is the union of the infinite.

All people are born with great potential. All people have the powers in the world. People are the divine consciousness, according to shivyog; and we have been incarnated as human beings so that we can experience bliss through the body. Accumulated karmas are burned by practicing shivyog mediation; the level of consciousness would also level up and lead to good health and prosperity. This can guide people toward spiritual progress and would allow them to achieve whatever he wants. Shiva would give us grace and make our goals a reality. Thus, we can reveal our infinite potential and go for our own destiny with the help of shivyog meditation.

Practicing shivyog meditation has a lot of benefits. If the Sanjeevani Shakti is invoked in meditation, the ability of the human cells to regenerate is enhanced and can help in reviving the organs that have lost their ability to function well. Such kind of meditation would also heal the twelve houses of horoscopes in order to bring good lick and get rid of obstacles. You will also be able to achieve happier relationships with people that are close to your heart. Also, this can aid in healing the problems which are related to your home and workplace.

You can also help your ancestors in reaching the highest level of afterlife with the help of shivyog meditation. They would shower you and your family with blessing as they would go higher dimensions.

You can have a balanced life and all the pleasures in life while you move steadily towards self realization. This can be achieved with the help of the traditional shivyog meditation technique.  You will not regret any single moment if you make shivyog meditation a money magnet technique.

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Shivyog Meditation: An Overview on Its Benefits

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Shivyog Meditation: An Overview on Its Benefits

This article was published on 2012/06/11